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GLOBAL EVENTS ORGANIZATION S.A. (“GEO”) respects your privacy. In the context of Experience programs, this notice describes in which ways we will process your personal data, the types of personal data we’ll collect, the purpose for which we’ll use them, who will we share it with, and the decisions you may take regarding their use. We’ll describe the measures to protect the privacy/security of your personal information and how you can contact us for inquiries regarding our security practices. GEO is the entity responsible for processing your personal data in the context of the websites regarding the experience or experiences for sale in Latin America. is enabled for MasterCard cardholders and [INSERT ISSUING BANK] in Latin America and Caribbean. MasterCard and/or [INSERT ISSUING BANK] are NOT responsible for the collection and processing of personal data made through this website or use of them. GEO gathers data with the only objective to provide travel services. Your visit to the site/ sites and your share in the Experience / Experiences are liable to this privacy notice, to the terms and conditions, as long as you live in Latin America. Our privacy practices may vary between the different countries in which we operate to reflect the practices and legal requirements of the zone. This privacy notice applies only to data obtained through . It doesn’t apply for the compilation and use of personal data through any of the web sites bearing the MasterCard brand or that are obtained by the Experience / Experiences, for example communications sent by [INSERT ISSUING BANK]  Kids and children under 18 years of age, do not meet the requirements to access the benefits of GEO Experiences. PERSONAL DATA WE COLLECT AND HOW WE PUT IT INTO USEWe obtain personal data during the sale of the Experiences through . We consider personal data to “any information related to an identified or identifiable physical person”.
The personal data that we process are provided directly by you or are obtained automatically.


The personal data you provide directly to us through the Experience/ Experiences are processed and used only for the purposes that are described in this privacy notice. Your data is used only by GEO, neither MasterCard nor [INSERT ISSUING BANK] are involved, not even in the processing of the data that is collected in this website. You are not required to provide personal information to access the site, but you may be asked to provide us with your personal information in order to provide our services. If you choose not to provide any information, this may affect the way you navigate the site or the services that we can offer you. We may use the information we have obtained about you for:Blocking and purchase travel services with the cardholder.Provide services and answer your inquiries.

Evaluate, operate and improve GEO Experiences (for example developing new travel packages, deals and experiences, analyzing our offers or facilitating the functionality of our site).
Collaborate with us and with third parties to present our offers through the website.
Control the use of our interactive assets, including the site, and upgrade them.Perform data analysis (including the anonymity of personal information) to determine, among other measures, the performance of our business operations, the number of people registered and the functioning of the website.

Fulfill our terms and conditions and other rights, recognized by applicable law.

Accomplish legal requirements and the corresponding standards, as with our policies.Perform audits, research and analysis to maintain, protect and enhance our services.


 You can reach us by calling +54 11 4878 1144 or send us an e-mail to Our address is Von Wernicke 3061 – 1° Floor (B1642GKA) San Isidro, Buenos Aires, Argentina.